You Can Always Come Home

Alan Jackson is one of my favorite country artists. He has just released a new album titled “Angels and Alcohol”. I clicked on the NPR page to listen to that song with the same title and for some reason, the website played “You Can Always Come Home” instead. Now…I don’t really believe in coincidences. After all I’ve been through in my life, I just don’t think they exist even on the smallest of scales.

As I listened to the first lines of the song, I knew I’d love the song. So, I closed my eyes and let the words penetrate my soul.

With my eyes closed, I could picture Dad, the ranch, the Breaks and the different times I left home only to return. This song radiates the story of my book and I had tears in my eyes by the time the song was over.

I’ve copy/pasted the website address here and hope you can listen to it. After you click on the link, you’ll have to click on the song under “My Playlist”.

Turn the volume up…close your eyes and let the words penetrate your soul……


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